At Advance Drone Operations, our roof and building condition reports are carried out by our highly skilled CAA approved UAV operators/surveyors, to give you our client, the very best possible imagery and data to help rectify any outstanding issues, or identify potential future problems leading to very costly unplanned repairs to both commercial and residential properties.

Why choose a drone survey?

Traditional surveys can be very time consuming and very costly in labour, access can also be extremely costly and intrusive, then there's the health and safety aspect to consider when working at height so if you don't need to put engineers at risk why would you.

What do you get with your
condition report/drone survey?

You will receive a full image report highlighting the areas identified with any serious issues that we recommend having immediate remedial action taken. The report will also show any issues that may not be deemed as serious and will not require action right away. Within the report you will be provided with close-up imagery of the individual areas with a detailed description of the issues.

In addition to the faults identified, the report will outline any visible previous repairs yet again with the location and close-up imagery to support the findings.

All our roof and building condition surveys are filmed in high definition, they are then archived on our servers so they can be assessed and reviewed to monitor any roof or building deterioration over time, which can help budget for any major renovations in the future.

Memberships and

All Advance Drone Operations pilots carry a valid flier ID.


Our thermal camera can identify areas of heat loss in your building, locate hot spots on faulty plant and equipment and also on some surfaces able to locate leaks which are invisible to the naked eye.

In Summery
Drone Surveys Are

  • Cost effective
  • A high-quality data source
  • Stored HD video that can be revisited any time
  • Massive time and cost savings
  • Safer than traditional surveys

Memberships and

All Advance Drone Operations pilots carry a valid flier ID.